IFRS Assistant

A web based application to automate calculations of IFRS 9, for retail assets.


Make risk assessment of retail loans more affordable for SMEs, while following IFRS 9 guidelines.Reduce dependency of finance consultants on analysts to calculate risk of retail loans.


Build a tool where anyone can upload data and click a few buttons. Rest all the calculations will be done automatically. The report can be downloaded as pdf.


Link to code repository

The app takes data in form of csv then asks the user to map the columns. Then the app generates a basic portfolio graph. Then the user is asked to select the country and click a button to fetch macro-economic data from IMF. Forecasting is done on the data and then survival model applied to understand the risk of failure for up to next 5 years. Then some parameters are asked fro the user to simulate resell values of the asset or collateral. The monte-carlo simulation provides estimated credit loss for the next 5 years (and current as well). A detail distribution of the estimated credit loss is also shown upon selecting the relevant year. Finally, the report can be downloaded as pdf, after entering the author name.