Data Strategy, Statistical Modelling, Data Visualization

MBA (Erasmus University) and over a decade of experience in business helps me understand business needs. Mechanical Engineering degree helps with the analytical aspects and problem solving. I currently work as senior consultant at a consulting firm and have worked for 3 companies previously in various roles. I have a wide industry exposure - machinery, utilities, construction, e-commerce and social sector. My resume can be downloaded from the menu.

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Selected Personal Projects

I love solving problems using data, statistics and mathematics. Be it for business or society. Below are some of my open source projects.

  • KoboconnectR

    A CRAN package to get data from Kobotoolbox in R. Access code.

  • India Fishery Statistics

    A live dashboard(RShiny) for fisheries statistics of India. Access code.

  • Predictive Maintenance Dashboard

    A dashboard (RShiny) for prediction of machinery failure. Optimization of spare parts replacement schedule to minimize cost of maintenance and failure. Access code.

  • Risk calculator for loans as per IFRS 9

    A dashboard for calculating risk of loans. Extracts macroeconomic data based on country from IMF, forecasts scenario, performs monte carlo simulation and calculates overall risk (amount). All in live dashboard. Access code.

  • Interactive Business Plan

    A business plan in a dashboard. Change assumptions and simulate scenarios to calculate expected RoI.

  • Customer Loyalty Scoring

    WebApp(RShiny) for insights on customer loyalty



Detail oriented and analytical approach to problem solving with clients specific needs in mind

Problem solver

Solves problem with data, but driven by passion

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